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Solutions that work


During and after every project we have undertaken, our Clients have expressed sincere appreciation that New Millennia’s consultants:

·     Worked collaboratively, respecting the Client's business and employee knowledge.

·     Provided a real alternative to the “Big 4” providers, with much more flexibility and client focus.

·     Built knowledge transfer into every activity, "working themselves out of a job".

Organizational Wellness

New Millennia offers our Clients a targeted program to address Organizational Wellness. This one day seminar addresses the growing need in traditional organizations to find the balance between work place stress, ageing workforce, health, nutrition and "work life balance". Offered by licensed medical doctors, the program has proven effective at helping aging workers who find themselves "having to work even harder" as the economy remains uncertain, just as their health may not be as robust as it once was. Full of practical take home tips and tricks, the program helps promote project team health, while providing tools to help workers take respons-ibility for their health and wellness.

Customized Solutions to Improve Profitability

Feedback from Clients

"We would choose the New Millennia team again, for sure." -Project Director, Major Utility

"We succeeded in delivering 30,000 hours of computer-based and SAP classroom training while preparing for a major refueling outage during the holiday season. Not many thought it could be done. Your team's organization and dedication to success are responsible for this achievement." -Project Manager, Utility Company

"We didn't understand what you meant by a journey of guided discovery at first. The NM consulting team did an excellent job of assisting us improve our operations by leveraging SAP as the enabler." Team Lead, Manufacturer

"Our project is projected to come in under budget and exactly as scheduled for November 12. In fact we are a day early. Way to go team!!" -CIO, Utility Company

Organizational Change Management, Training and IT Strategy, Business Process Reengineering

• Change Management • Business Process Analysis • IT Strategy
• End User Training • Change Impact Analysis • Job & Org Redesign
• Cultural Inventories • Change Communications • Stakeholder Analysis

 Post Go Live Support

New Millennia has the expertise needed to help our clients optimize the power of SAP in post go live environments. A common finding among companies that implement SAP is under- utilization of the system after it goes live. Some of the possible causes associated with this finding are human resistance issues, technical problems and organizational misalignment. In some situations the real issue remains hidden by surface complaints. For example, a company may think it has technical problems with the system when the real issues may include lack of familiarity with SAP reports, inadequate end user training or users resisting the move from the legacy system to SAP. New Millennia can assess post go live performance to determine root causes of system underutilization and make recommendations so the client can move to an improved state of system use and acceptance. In addition to assessing and recommending, we can provide the coaching, training or other relevant support that will help our clients get the most from their SAP investment.

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